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St. Mary's School, Avas Vikas, Budhi Vihar, Moradabad is an educational institution established in the Year 2015 to extend the service of education to children and youth.. Read More

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Principal’s Message
Sr. Rosamma

St. Mary's School, Avas Vikas, Buddhi Vihar, Moradabad is a new establishment, to continue the formative mission (of education) for the children and youth. Almost 200 years, a legacy inherited and practiced by the Sisters of St-Ann; replete with commitment and faith to realize the vision of our Founders at different places. Carlo and Julia our Founders encourage us to ensure that every Child who enters the campus enjoys the dignity as a child of God. So we reach out to the hearts of The students accompany them lovingly and form in them the human values so that that might fully realize themselves and be truly happy and be women of competence And conscience diligence and discipline and a responsible citizen.

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